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X-ray specs are American noveltiespurported to allow users to see through or into solid objects. In reality, the spectacles merely create an optical illusion ; no X-rays are involved. The "lenses" consist of two layers of cardboard with a small hole ray a quarter-inch 6 millimeters old and young women porn diameter punched through both layers.

The user views objects through the glasses.

X-ray specs

A feather is embedded between the layers of each lens. The vanes of the feathers are so close together that light is diffractedcausing the user to receive two slightly offset images. For instance, if viewing a pencil, one would see two offset images of the pencil.

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Where the images overlap, a darker image is obtained, giving the illusion that one is seeing the graphite embedded within the body of the pencil. X-Ray Specs were long advertised with the slogan "See the bones in your hand, see through clothes!

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The claim is untrue. Besides the unlikelihood of a safe and functional X-ray device selling for about a dollar, X-ray detectors require an X-ray generator. Part or even most of the novelty value lies in provoking the object of the wearer's attentions.