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Susanna Reid, 46, laid bare in 'naked' face selfie

However, the mother-of-three didn't seem to notice her mishap as she showed off her slender, tanned pins and laughed away with Piers, Susanna certainly isn't a stranger to showing off her undergarments, as she first flashed her knickers hot topless women in panties her days on the BBC Breakfast sofa. Susanna's male fans were no doubt delighted at Susanna's naked faux pas, as they certainly weren't thrilled with the fact that she was sitting beside Piers.

The suzanna Britain's Got Talent judge was completely unaware of Naked mishap, but he did continue to shamelessly flirt with the pretty reid. The pair were seen giggling with one another as they interviewed the likes of Jon Culshaw and a Kate Middleton lookalike. But viewers of the show didn't think he was worthy of sitting beside Susanna and doing Ben Shephard's job.

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Angry Twitter user Mark Pattinson posted: Get off our screens. While Luke Atar added: Susanna, reid, was even poking fun at her suzanna and yesterday tweeted: When are you back benshephard?