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65 Hottest Scene Haircuts For a Change in 2019 (with PICTURES)

It takes guts short go really short, but the results can be very cool. You can go super short or opt for long layers. Choose a funky pompadour or a sweet, soft pixie. With the help of a few celebrities who went short, your sure to find some inspiration before you hit the hair. When deciding on a short hairstyle and cut, you'll want to consider which will complement your face shape as well as your hair texture.

20 Short, Sleek, and Sexy Hairstyles

While the pixie can work sexy any face shape, it may not work for really thick or curly hair, for instance. Likewise, if you have a longer face with a scene hairline, some side-swept bangs can cover your forehead. You'll also want to think about maintenance as well.

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Shorter hairstyles need to be kept up with regular trims to keep them looking great. Michelle Williams wears an adorable and sexy pixie hairstyle.