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Star Wars: Sign in. Buxom nudist mistress Marie wants her lover to hire sassy private detective to tape the lover's wife with the lover's college sassy stepbrother. But while the men's secretaries seduce them, Marie seduces the stepbrother by herself.

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1972 cheerleader and her friends need to make money quickly, so they begin selling sexual services. A horny girl named Eva is sent to a reform school by her repressed older sister to learn how to control her urges.

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The school turns out to be a front for sex school and even the girl's prude sister ends up learning something there. Molly sue in love with Peter. Peter 1972 living a dangerous, violent and depraved upper class life. Peters brother Robin is in love with Molly.

Pa, a moonshining chicken farmer, is worried that his dim-witted son Junior sue becoming way more attracted to their cow Sassy Sue than he should be, so he sets out to gather up all the nubile young farmgirls in the area and get them to show Junior what he's missing.

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Written by frankfob2 yahoo. Pa spends his time between making moonshine like any respectable hillbillybedding the local ladies, and attempting to get said ladies to seduce Junior to get his fixations off that damn cow.