Pictures of girls on their periods

The stigma around menstruation is real -- and in certain parts of the world, it stops girls from participating in daily activities, to the point of putting their health at risk.

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As a result, they are forbidden from engaging in common activities, such as eating with family, entering temples or handling food. Women who live in areas with these practices often have reduced access to water during their periods, according to WaterAid.

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This increases their risk of infection from poor hygiene during menstruation. Nepal is far from the only place with detrimental attitudes around menstruation: Countries around the worldfrom Malawi to the United States, have policies and practices — such as making period talk taboo or taxing tampons — that discriminate against women for an entirely normal, inevitable bodily function.

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These seven photos show how menstrual taboos discriminate against girls: Water is very important for our body and for our existence. Water is important for cleanliness as well.

Do these pictures of women on their period make you uneasy? Good.

We are not allowed to touch water if we are in our menstrual cycle and someone else is fetching water. In these situations I feel helpless and I feel as if my hands are tied up as I can do nothing but stand and stare. During these times I want to strongly revolt against such biased beliefs.