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The pair has planned a very hot encounter in detail, down to the soundtrack: Jett is naturally skilled in evasiveness — a trait of the trade, surely.

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Charlie isn't meant to nude through her distractions. Then Charlie asks a question requiring Jett to lie, and she does — while sitting herself down at a table laden with a full coffee service: She tells her tale while stark naked and splay-legged, nattering on about a goofy mishap that never happened while giving her lover the full Penthouse centerfold view.

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Like Charlie, the viewer gets the suggestion of an eyeful without Gugino giving anything away. It also lives on Cinemax, where its nine-episode season esposito currently airing Fridays at 10 p.

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But Charlie persuades her to do one more job for him, tasking her to steal a very valuable ring from a European gangster named Miljan Bestic Greg Bryk. Jett works at a hanging upside down nude girl as a requirement of her release, but she also has bills to pay. Giancarlo has school, and Maria has a terminal illness.

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So Jett takes the job, only to have it go sideways, trapping her between several criminal factions jockeying for dominance. But Jett has her own arsenal to call upon, including unparalleled skills with breaking and entering, family connections it is hinted that crime runs in her bloodan I.