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The leading free gym operator is offering teens between the ages of 15 and 18 free memberships that will run from May 15 through Sept. The nationwide Teen Summer Challenge follows a successful rollout in its home state lifetime New Hampshire last year. Freebies are often a byproduct of desperation, but that's certainly not the case with Planet Fitness.

It's also a genius move for a company that has rarely had a miscue.

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Giving young adults access to a huge space full of workout gear may seem like a risky proposition at first. What if the membership approach the facility as a hangout spot, making Planet Fitness this summer's convenience store parking lot?

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What if inexperienced young 'uns mistreat the equipment or get hurt in the process? What if the juvenile freeloaders scare away paying adult members?

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Let's dial all of those fears happy nudist girls fucked beach for a moment. Planet Fitness already allows members as young as 13 into its gyms, so it's not as if we're breaking new ground here.

Teens signing up for the summertime membership will still need a parent or guardian to accompany them during the initial visit to sign waivers. Also keep in mind that Planet Fitness had roughly 2, teens sign up for the teen last summer in New Hampshire.