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Body Double Hair - Brunette older man young woman removes bra hospital bed touches breast. With her knockout North American looks, Elisha Cuthbert has all the right equipment to be a skinsation.

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Canadian network execs took one look at this boobilicious blonde beauty and said, "What a perfect hostess for children's television. Let's debut her as the star of Popular Mechanics for Kids!

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Having once been a young lad himself, Mr. Skin applauds this decision. After all, growing boys fuck daughter in the sofa eye candy too. She certainly is lucky, and so are we for her presence on this earth. Thankfully, God does bless the beasts and the children, and Cuthbert's appealing girly girth is properly positioned as Kiefer Sutherland 's troubled daughter on the hit action series Talk about your forbidden fantasies!

Elisha can also be seen bouncing around with Luke Wilson in Old School and comes teasingly close to breaking the skin barrier in The Girl Next Door